Car Sounds

The Funny Fire Engine is getting to know the sounds from cars. Most children like cars, but are they familiar with all the different sounds that cars produce? The Funny Fire Engine examines the sounds of cars: The beep of the horn, the whining of the breaks and wheels, the water is the carwash, and the roar of the engine. Keep ut with the animated fire truck, and get to know all the car sounds.

Fire Truck - The Pilot
Fire Truck - Super Bert and the c
Fire Truck - Flower Meadow
Fire Truck - Aase's Death
Fire Truck - Racing the Train
Fire Truck - Fire Truck Sounds
Fire Truck - Hall of the Mountain
Fire Truck - Anitra's Dance
Fire Truck - Morning Mood
Fire Truck - Outer Space
Fire Truck - City Ride
Fire Truck - Count the Numbers